Picked Berries is an esthetic statement about the movement, grouped in a blog that builds his imaginary from the body and its drives.
  • codie young by tim walker for vogue italia, oct 14

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  • lelaid:

    Malgosia Bela in The Story of M for Vogue Italia, October 2014

    Shot by Mario Sorrenti

    Styled by Jane How

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  • wa55up:

    JUCO represents the collaborative work of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud.

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  • CAL from Ber Arce on Vimeo.

  • CAL was filmed during a stormy winter season on the roads of Southern Iceland. The video depicts tension and calm where glitches substitute for a climax that never comes.
    CAL pretends to be timeless, weird and — at some point — a place between reality and perception, an island looped in an island, a close and desaturated system that gets its only colour from error.
    An aesthetic and psychological moment in time, recorded and distorted.

    Directed and Produced by United Logotypes

    Bernard Arce

    Guillermo Daldovo

    Sonia Figuera

    Music: Celestica by Crystal Castles

  • fletchingarrows:


    Wenzel Jamnitzer & Jost Amman, from the book Perspectiva Corporum Regularium – Perspective of regular solids, 1568. Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Hexahedron, Icosaedron & Dodecahedron. Source

    sacred geometries

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  • vuelie:

    andy likes art: [2/?]

    Travel Posters by Roger Broders

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